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Walking Tractor Nandi- The Bull
Sukoon Walking Tractor Nandi- The Bull
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Sukoon Electric Tractor Power Tiller
Sukoon Solar/Electric Tiller

Welcome to Sukoon Solutions

Design- Innovate- Engineer


Sukoon Solutions is committed to providing active support to the Agri-tech and e mobility sectors of the industry. Our vision is to shape up the right future for the electric and solar vehicles in India while creating a comprehensive ecosystem that accentuates the positives and mitigates the negative impact of the products on our environment. We wish to become more - customer-centric, cost-effective and environment-friendly with regards to our products and services on a global scale.


Our mission at Sukoon Solutions is to facilitate and accelerate the world’s transition from non-renewable energy sources to sustainable energy resources. Our business approach supports three main verticals - DESIGN, INNOVATION and ENGINEERING, those are critical to any transition.


  • Design Thinking- Ideate- Prototype- Test- Manufacture- Market.
  • Help the world reduce hazardous emissions on a daily basis.
  • Collaborate with companies in installing battery swapping and flash charging stations.
  • Focusing on the R'n'D part concerning the installation of charging sockets and flash charging.
  • Directly impact the lives of billions of people globally.
  • Reduce the operational costs for the farmers who form 43% of our working-class population.
  • Educate them about better & sustainable farming.

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